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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Farm Boy Goes to London Part Three" by Jay Roberts Gay Encounters++++Note: In Part Two, I may have twice referred to my hero, Wes, as
Clem. Sorry, Clem was a real person and he intruded into His fictional
self.The three young fellows, giddy with disappointment, but heady with a
feeling that this evening would be fun, tumbled into Wes's "Farm" room.Percy had stopped in the pantry and had two large bottles of Champagne
under each arm. Malcolm opened his the school tie he always wore, opened
his shirt buttons and took off his Oxford shirt, leaving him in a white
athletic shirt, next lolita free young pictures he bent and took off his shoes and socks. "I feel
like I am at the beach and about to go into the ocean.""Maybe so," nodded Percy, who went further in his undressing because he
wore no undershirt. He excellent, muscled chest shone like an oil painting
in the room, faint reddish chest hairs gleamed from the rays of the setting
sun coming in the tall windows.Wes always found clothes restrictive. He removed and carefully hung up his
new suit, leaving him in his new briefs, his strong tanned legs splayed out
in front of him on the coffee table.POP, the champagne was open and the froth entered three glasses. "It
doesn't taste too good. Why is it so expensive?" Asked Wes, wrinkling up
his tickled nose. But after refilling his glass nude lolita models photos
twice, he beamed at the
others, "My, my, it makes me feel a mite warm." He reached down and
readjusted his meaty boy cock, prominent in his new briefs.Malcolm, who had been diffident in the sex approaches, even hints, decided
to throw caution to the wind and exercise his hot instincts that was often
enjoyed by Percy. He wiped off his undershirt, revealing a pale, but
strong chest. It resembled Wes's except for the missing tan. He was also
hairless and his nipples were large like Wes's. Cousins no doubtHe came over and sat next nude lolita models photos to Wes, Percy watched the tableau. "Cousin, you
are a very handsome and desirable boy. Every time I look at you my lips
twitch in my desire to kiss you.""Well shucks Mal, you oughtn't to resist yur urges, it could do somethin'
bad to you." He leaned forward and put his warm, pink, full lips against
his cousins similar lips and pressed gently, letting Malcolm gradually get
the courage to return the pressure. He did breathing into his kiss. In a
moment their bare arms surrounded each other's shoulders and they pressed
hard against each other. Percy lolita nude pay sites could hear the pants they emitted around
their kissing lips. He could also see that their mouths opened in passion
and young, avid tongues snaked out to make tongue kisses and gropings.
This kept up for about three minutes when they finally separated, both
panting loudly. Wes held out his right arm and Percy came close and joined
the hugging boys.When Wes felt able to speak he announced to the others. "Now seein' as
this is a "Farm" room, I say it is time fur milkin' an' this farm boy is
goin' tend to milkin' time. The others looked at him, not sure of what he
meant. "Now cows are alwus naked, so you two git naked." They slowly took
off their remaining clothes, Wes noting that Malcolm's penis resembled his
except that it was pink/white while his had a tannish tinge, but the
foreskin covered the glans completely with a little fringe in front like
his, but at this moment, the head began to peek out somewhat. Percy's
prick was not long, but slim and curved upward. He was circumcised. His
cock was already very hard and jumping with his heart beats.Wes was now nude. The three boys formed a tableau of male beauty as Wes
instructed them to, "Git on yur knees and elbows and stick yur hind
quarters up to the air. I know yur both filled with milk and want to empty
yur sacs."The two, master and servant crouched side-by-side, their hot bodies
touching. Percy couldn't resist being this close to the boy he loved so
much and he kissed Malcolm's soft cheek. Malcolm turned and kissed Percy's
Puckish lips, both humming in warm pleasure. But Wes, his own cock
beginning to stand away from his body, began his beloved ritual. "Boys,
let me look over yur hind quarters to be sure all is in good shape afrore
milin' 'gins."Wes looked at the two spectacular rumps facing him. He was dizzy with
excitement and lust. First he put his big warm plow hand on Percy's butt.
"Oh my there is a faint bush of fine red hair growing here. So pretty, so
nice." He kept softly passing his hand over the most protruding part of
the ass cheek twins, then down around the deep dimpled side. He could hear
Percy sighing loudly and his ass moved each time it was touched. Next he
turned his attention to the classic, museum quality rump of his cousin,
elegant, smooth and pink/white. It was tight and muscular from years of
horse riding and bicycle riding, so much so that the halves were naturally
separated and showed the hairless, pink anis.Malcolm turned and looked over his shoulder. "Cousin, what about the
milkin'?""Oh my, I git lost in gazin' at yur beauties. Right, now to chores. First
my cousin needs to git emptied."He reached his arm around Malcolm's middle and reached under where the
family type cock was hanging, lonesome and wanting. He took the hot
appendage in his big hand and squeezed gently. Malcolm eyes rolled up and
his mouth opened in pleasure. He breathed a quiet "A-a-a-h.""Yes Bossy, you like that. I ain't got a pail to catch the milk, but my
hand is pretty big, it should work." Then turning toward Percy who was
breathing so hard it almost sounded like sobs. "Now young calf, jes' be
patient, soon as I empty this un you're next."He began a slow squeeze and light pull on the cock/teat. Malcolm began to
moan teen candid nonude lolita and croon with excitement. "Yes you rube boy, move quicker."Wes smiled because he was so glad he was making the noble boy happy. He
doubled his efforts and soon the honorable boy began to rock his hips back
and forth. "Percy, quick video vixen lola luv
kiss me. I think I'm going to ejaculate." Percy
turned to him and kissed him hard. Wes could see the boy's ass trembling
and in a moment he howled out loud and spew ropes of cum into Wes's waiting
hand.While Malcolm was still kissing his servant, Wes took hold of the perky
cock pulsing under the younger boy. He was already dripping and ready to
give milk because he was so riled up by his master's passion. Wes tickled
his balls, pulled gently on them, and then with his other hand he wiped his
thumb over the leaking piss slit. Percy teen candid nonude lolita mewled in helpless passion. Soon
his rounded ass began its dance of orgasm and his head reared up and he
shouted his cum call and began an even larger delivery of English clotted
cream."Stay where you are English boys," Wes commanded. They weren't sure why,
but they were still up for more fun. Wes spread Percy's ass checks apart
and stroked the slightly hairy crack. That hit Percy with a heady rush.
He grunted like an English boar."Oh American boy, I am in confusion. I am afraid to be anally raped yet my
ass is crying to be filled.""I as well," said Malcolm, "But I am a brave person. I need to experience
American style rural fucking. Percy has fucked me many times, but never
invited me to reciprocate. Perhaps this will introduce dear Percy to
accept my prong in the future. He has been as reluctant as a virgin
maiden."Percy listened to his master's words. "You may fuck me first and I will
decide if it is acceptable for my master. But you must be very careful.
If it hurts, I will refuse it."Wes stared down on the pretty servant boy's beautiful, smooth back, the
planes cascading down to the beginning thrust of his prominent ass. Just
before the curves began there was a small patch of fine red hair. At this
moment that fuzzy was beaded with lolita sex party pass nervous sweat. Wes realized that the
only fuck friend Percy had ever had with his master. This was a new scary
adventure so Wes decided he must bring the boy to the boiling point before
entering. But Wes was eager to fuck. He put one finger in Percy's mouth
to get it wet and as natural to Percy, he sucked it madly, partly out of
being so wary of what was to come. Wes took the wet finger and inserted
the tip into Percy's red hair ringed asshole. He ran it around the
puckering flesh over and over, waiting until the hole widened and invited
his prong inside. But the hole was too small to enter. Wes grabbed a
handful of the generous boy ass and squeezed the flesh hard. Percy called
out his pain, but his boy hole sprang open and Wes wasted no time in
getting his prick head into the opening. Percy was in a sex trance as Wes
entered fully. Malcolm stayed close to his servant, his arm around the
boy's back, patting him and murmuring encouragement.Suddenly Percy's redhead reared up and turned to stare at Wes. "Oh you
Yankee devil, you have conquered my ass." Then turning to his beloved
master, "Milord, you are in for the fucking of your life. I will plead for
you to fuck me every day, now that I see the fun and excitement of it. Oh
to give myself completely is heaven." Then to Wes, he said, "Do not be
gentle, fuck me like I was a mare at your farm. Fill my hole with your
spooge."Wes began fucking the boy hard. He grunted. Percy cried real tears,
drooled and sweated and then suddenly Percy began shooting streams of cum
from his pulsating cock.Malcolm was getting almost to cumming himself, so he called to Wes. "Farm
Boy, when you leave my servant, enter me. I am brave enough to accept it
now."Wes, his cock stiff and vibrating controlled himself and moved over to the
waiting young lord. He stared down at the hairless pucker and saw that it
was pouting like a hungry gold fish. He ended the young man's need by
slowly slipping his farm boy tan prick into the needy hole. Malcolm was
crooning with delight and pushed his ass back to feel more. He shouted
when his hot button was stroked by the cock in him. He screamed that he
would cum any minute. "Fuck me very hard. Percy kiss me. I am about to
discharge."Wes obeyed and swung his strong hips back and forth, shafting the tender
hole with vigorous strokes, feeling his own orgasm coming at him with
speed.A minute later, Wes called out that he was cumming and as his warm milk hit
the noble boy's insides, he froze, his legs locked and his began to shoot
wildly, soaking the bedspread below him.After a period of recovering, the boys ordered the cook to prepare a supper
for them. "After all, soon we'll have no cook, we might as well enjoy it
while we do." Percy assured him that he could cook if it ever becomes
necessary.After their snack they finished the rest of the wine. Malcolm talked of
the future. "I guess you'll be leaving soon. Now I have plans that might
make your inheritance much more than the small stipend you have now. I
propose, if it is acceptable to Percy, that he no longer be my servant."Percy cried out in protest."No, you lolita free young pictures
don't understand dear friend. I want you to be my lover and my
partner in this new enterprise. No more my inferior.""That is all I ever hoped for Milord, I lolita free young pictures mean Mal.""The mansion is in good shape, thanks to my father's repairs the last few
years. I video vixen lola luv propose turning it into a resort. We can take the apartment over
the stables, it is elegant, especially when we paint and furnish it. We'll
probably have to get rid of the horses."Wes listened. "You have a fine idea. You could turn that water around the
house into a swimin' pool."The English lads laughed at his naivety and each got up and kissed him on a
cheek. Poor Wes was overcome by the loving gesture and tears ran down his
tan cheeks."I promise I'll come back to the old mansion, but now I have to git back to
the farm and help Gramps with the plantin' an' show him my new suit and
underwear."End of story
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